# How does this work?

For the nerds, this is essentially a wrapper of downloader programs like yt-dlp, OrpheusDL, and others with accounts pre-added. See here for more info.

For the non-nerds, it streams music to a file rather than a person from these services and gives you said file, no BS.

# Why is it down so much?

This site is ran by volunteers for pretty much nothing other than a love for music and the community. Expecting 100% uptime from a service provided for free is a bit silly. If you want to see better uptime, consider donating.

This also allows better versions of DoubleDouble to come out faster, including more supported sites.

# When is [insert service] being added?

Don't see something you want? Tell us

Planned to be added at some point:

Never being added:

# When is the rewrite coming out?

'When it's done' screenshot from Duke Nukem Forever's 2001 E3 trailer.

In all seriousness, this will be done when it's ready. Can't promise when because life is complicated.

# Are you OSS/FLOSS?

At the moment, no. I plan to eventually be, but my code is incredibly messy and I'm not ready for it to see the light of day.

Some aspects of my codebase, such as OrpheusDL (for Tidal, Qobuz, Napster, Deezer, and Amazon Music [closed source]), yt-dlp for Soundcloud, and librespot are currently open.

# Why do you have ads up?

As much as I hate advertising, these servers aren't cheap to run. I also have to either pay for the premium accounts for each service or dig through forums looking for them.

I made sure the ads weren't invasive. No pop-ups. No sound or lewd ads. Just picture ads. Hence why I ask nicely, please disable your adblocker <3

# Where are you hosted?

Image of a cat spinning a pillow, captioned 'this server is powered by this cat'.

# Why is there a queue now for certain services?

Accounts can get banned pretty quickly when traffic is high, this is my solution. A pain-in-the-ass solution but the best way of doing it until futher notice.

# What should I do about region locked music?

I know this sucks to hear but not much, really. I plan on rolling out multiple-region support, but at the moment, we try our best to stick to US-based accounts whenever possible. UK-exclusive, India-exclusive, or wherever-you-live-that's-not-the-US-exclusive music likely won't work at the moment.

Consider looking at Songwhip to find songs in a compatible service and region, you might get lucky there :)

Also consider joining the Telegram discussion group, some people have accounts I don't and are willing to pitch in.

Note: Amazon Music supports all available regions. Please report any region-related issues in the discussion group.

you should turn off your adblocker :3