# How does this work?

There are various open sourced downloaders out there similar to youtube-dl that work on Spotify and the other services supported here.

This site is a wrapper for those programs!

# When is [insert service] being added?

As much I'd love to say "soon:tm:", I can't really promise an ETA for a service, if it ever comes.

Some services I'm currently unable to support, including Apple Music, unfortunately. Maybe one day!

With that said, I'm not adding Bandcamp. Bandcamp was considered for inclusion, but I've decided that since Bandcamp is used primarily by independent musicians, any albums on Bandcamp that aren't free and aren't available on other platforms shouldn't be available for download on DoubleDouble. Many albums are available for free download on Bandcamp, even in higher quality than we could fetch it normally. If you can, support the artists by purchasing their work. If you really can't afford to, try yt-dlp.

# Are you OSS/FLOSS?

At the moment, no. I plan to eventually be, but my code is incredibly messy and I'm not ready for it to see the light of day.

Some aspects of my codebase, such as OrpheusDL for everything that isn't Spotify, and librespot-python are currently open.

# Why do you have ads up?

As much as I hate advertising, these servers aren't cheap to run. Not only is the server around $15/mo, I have to either pay for the premium accounts for each service or dig through forums looking for them.

I made sure the ads weren't invasive. No pop-ups. No sound or lewd ads. Just picture ads. Hence why I ask nicely, please disable your adblocker <3

# Where are you hosted?

Image of a cat spinning a pillow, captioned 'this server is powered by this cat'.

# Why is there a queue now for certain services?

Accounts can get banned pretty quickly when traffic is high, this is my solution. A pain-in-the-ass solution but the best way of doing it until futher notice.

you should turn off your adblocker :3